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Album art by Amy Hollshwandner

 Our debut full-length album entitled "Respect the Mutt" is up! Find it on Spotify, Apple Music + iTunes, Tidal, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube, and wherever else you stream/download your music. CD's also available!

104.9 The Hawk - Interview (September 2018)
The Hawk Seg 1 - Safehill
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The Hawk Seg 2 - Safehill
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Also check out our EP, Nothing to See Here!

Stream or download it everywhere. CD's also available.

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Safehill - Back View [Live @ Cambridge, MA]

Live upstairs at the Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub (02/13/2020)

"Back View" music + lyrics written by Safehill © 2019

Safehill - Push Me Pull Me [Live @ Worcester, MA]

Live at the Worcester Beer Garden On The Grid (06/29/2019)

"Push Me Pull Me" music + lyrics written by Safehill © 2019